• Fat Liberation * Empowering Community

    Body Home Fat Dance is a fat-celebrating dance collaboration. Our goal is to inspire joyful movement, connection with our bodies, and creative expression, while honoring our unique abilities and challenges with self-compassion. More than just dance classes, we're co-creating a resilient community, building an empowering and nuanced dialogue about fat liberation, and connecting with our own embodied selves. We invite folks with all levels of experience, all bodies, all abilities, all genders to come dance with us!

  • Class Schedule

    Series and Drop-in Option

    Dance Class Series

    6 weeks on Mondays at 7:30pm

    If you want to dance, connect with your body and connect with your community, the series is what you are looking for. It offers us the chance to build trust and connection in our community and build on our learning week to week. Offered 5-6x/year. Often sell out so grab your spot fast when these are announced! Check social media or get on the e-mail list to be notified when registration is open.

    Next series will be Spring 2019, check out drop in classes in the meantime!

    Dance Class Drop In

    If you want to dip your toe in the water on occasion, join us for drop in classes. Currently these are offered just occasionally. Sign up for the email list and follow social media to get info on future dates.

    Drop in classes for Jan/Feb, register HERE

    Exploring Embodiment

    Our newest class!
    This class is a space to experiment with embodiment. A time to explore deep connection and awareness of our physical selves. An opportunity to abandon agenda, analysis, or commentary. An invitation to step back and put our bodies in the driver’s seat of our experience. 


    Drop in classes for Jan/Feb, register HERE

  • Performances

    In addition to community classes, Body Home also creates and performs

    "Weighted Bodies" premier at PDX Dance Collective Choreographer's Showcase March 2018

    Body Home and Zaftig perform at Knock Out

    Plus Size Fashion Show September 2017

  • Updates

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  • Projects and press

    aka Accomplices and Collaborators

    Performance Works NW- Alembic Artist

    KT was an artist in residence for 2018, exploring meaningful movement in fat bodies. Performance February 2019.

    Portland Monthy Arts and Culture Magazine

    Article about Body Home and KT in December 2017



    Dance Wire

    Dance Wire is a service organization dedicated to keeping the Greater Portland dance community prosperous, inspired, and visible. Read the feature article on Dance Wire from a interview with KT of Body Home.



    Fat Girls Dance

    Fat Girls Dance is a relentless fem-led online movement towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance. Body Home has been featured several times in their weekly video drops, reaching thousands of viewers and inspiring others to dance! See one of our favorite dances HERE

    Zaftig Dance in Plus Size

    Our long-standing community partner: "We support and promote dance training for plus size dancers and give valuable presence to diversity in dance through classes, workshops, performances and festivals."

    Fat Girls Hiking

    Fat Girls Hiking is a diverse body positive hiking community based in Portland, OR. Our motto, Trails Not Scales reminds us that the more we hike, the more love we have for ourselves & our bodies just as they are. Body Home was written up in a feature to spotlight community body-positive groups.

  • Who are we?

    KT Kusmaul :

    founder, dance teacher, choreographer

    KT is a fat, queer, genderqueer femme who is passionate about community, movement, creativity and mutual liberation from oppressive systems. While in youth she had fairly traditional dance and theater training, she found herself come alive through drag, gender performance and queer dance. Performance and choreography credits include DKPDX, Homomentum, Untrained I, Cattitude, music videos for Athens Boys Choir and Scream Club. She was awarded the 2018 Alembic Artist Residency to more deeply develop her work, "Weighted Bodies," exploring meaningful movement in fat bodies.



    Tara Blaine :

    Exploring Embodiment teacher

    Tara Blaine teaches embodiment exploration classes and dances in classes and performances with this amazing community of fat movers. After studying a variety of dance techniques throughout her youth, Tara transitioned into yoga and meditative body work in adulthood. She's spent the last decade studying and exploring a variety of modalities in order to build a practice that feels authentic and nourishing for fat bodies. In addition to teaching and dancing, Tara is a writer, marketing strategist, and creative process consultant.

    WE :

    This community


    "We" are also the incredible community that has come together to build Body Home! This includes the invaluable Sara Hass who manages so much organizing and administrative work, and will answer all your questions with care. The supportive and welcoming folks who are here to create space and lift each other up. And also, the incredible cast of "Weighted Bodies" who is helping to explore meaningful movement in fat bodies.

  • FAQ

    Hey, that is a really great question!

    What styles of dance do you teach?


    In the flagship dance class, KT teaches an eclectic style with a focus on Jazz and Contemporary. Most classes include a warm up and learning choreography, and sometimes we include body awareness exercises, stretching, or technique.


    In Exploring Embodiment, Tara creates a space to explore deep connection and awareness of our physical selves. We’ll practice listening to our bodies and allowing them to express their needs. We’ll seek ease with supported rest. We’ll follow prompts to experiment with sensations and movement.


    How accessible is the space?

    SomaSpace is ADA accessible. The front door threshold is about an inch tall. Two bathrooms are individual, gender neutral and have space and bars for chair users. Parking is mostly on the street. There is parking in the A-boy lot after 7pm with permit (come into studio to get the permit) and they have 1 accessible spot. Studio is 3 blocks from Hollywood transit center. The space is not scent free due to other users of the space, but ask no one to wear scents. Studio is hard wood floors, has AC and heat. Stools provided for option of supported movement.


    Yoga NW is ADA accessible. There is one bathroom which has space and bars for chair use. Parking is entirely on the street. Space is not scent free, but ask that no one wear scents to the space. Studio is hard wood floor, has AC and heat. Props provided for supporting comfortable positioning in laying or sitting.


    In the dance class, participants are encouraged to create and ask for adaptations to movements that will best honor their body's ability and comfort. Exploring Embodiment class has no choreographed movements or structured right and wrong ways to practice, so it is very adaptable to all bodies and abilities. Please ask for more details for your access needs as I am eager to work with you to make this a more accessible space.


    Do I have to be fat to join?


    This space is created with a focus on creating a safe and joyful space for fat folks. We like to call it fat-centric. Folks of any size are welcome to join us.

    What do I wear?

    Whatever is comfortable to move in. Most people wear leggings, yoga pants or shorts with a T-shirt. For your feet consider barefoot, dance shoes, or sneakers if they are dedicated to indoor activity.

    Is the price flexible?

    Yes. I try to start with affordable prices. I offer discounted tickets and reserved spots for BIPOC, transgender and gender non-conforming folks, superfats, and folks with disabilities. And, please if the cost feels prohibitive contact me and we can work out an arrangement.

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